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  • Handmade


  • Materials: poly resin


  • Here is a beautiful new fairy pixie who has arrived in to our fairy land. She rests with one hand on her knee looking off as though in deep thought. She wears a little sun dress with accents of orange, yellow and green with little pixie shoes in green. She has medium brown hair and wears an acorn hat. Her hat is decorated with yellow and orange flowers as is her sundress. Her wings are shades or orange, yellow and silver. (11383)

  • Her dimensions are: 2.75" X 2 " X 2.75"

    She is made of poly resin and is hand painted.

    Each figurine is individually made and unique and beautiful. Hand crafted with fine details.

    We will be listing more fairies as photos are taken.

    Richelle's guarantees all products sold here and offers a 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with purchase.

    Please realize that shipping is included in the price of your collectible, as we know that shipping costs have increased a lot.
    Richelle's wants to keep the prices down on products you purchase and
    we will continue to do so as long as possible. We realize that during these difficult times that you may not be able to purchase all the collectibles
    you may like but we will work with our customers to bring you the best prices possible along with quality products.

    Please message us if you have any questions relative to this listing.

    Thank you for visiting Richelle's Spiritual Realm.

Small Pretty Orange and Yellow Fairy 3" Figurine, Fairies, Figurines, Collectib

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