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  • Handmade


  • Materials: orgone, green crystal, blue crystal


  • Here is a beautifully hand crafted 6 CM orgone pyramid with a beautiful green tree of life. This pyramid is decorated with dark green metal shavings, deep blue crystals, and mother of pearl with a died green effect which brings this beautiful pyramid to a striking level. It has an embroidered effect going around the base of the tree.

  • "The Tree of Life symbolizes one's individuality as trees are all unique with their branches sprouting at different points and in different directions. It symbolizes a person's personal growth into a unique human being as different experiences shape them into who they are."

    This pyramid can bring about a sense of calm, connectedness, understanding and enlightenment. Just holding a pyramid in the palm of your hand
    and breathing into the pyramid with your energy, you will feel relaxed, calm, and a sense that all is well. We also know now and understand with all the information
    available that having orgone pyramids around our home or office will help to block those frequencies released by the electronics around us and help
    us to live and maintain a healthier life.

    As can be viewed from the photos, purchasing the light box will show this pyramid in a very different but beautiful view. We will be listing our lighting platforms
    for your purchasing convenience.

    If you have any questions about this item, please message us and we will respond very quickly.

    Thank you for visiting Richelle's Spiritual Realm.

Orgone Pyramid Tree of Life with Blue and Green Crystal, Reiki, Chakras, Yoga 6

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