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  • Handmade


  • Materials: paper


  • Here is a stunning deck of Oracle Cards of the Fairies inspired and created by Karen Kay. This deck includes a 44-cards and 120 page guidebook. If you enjoy working with the fairy elementals, this deck can assist with this process. This deck connects the user to the fairy world to gain practical insight to everyday life and well being.

    As you have probably noticed from our shop, the fairies are an important elemental and they do exist. Many deny that but fairies live in rural areas and are usually seen by the little sparkling lights.

    Adding fairy connections to your work is another avenue of connecting to the elemental energies around you including unicorns and dragons. This card deck can most certainly assist you. The fairies' energy is amazing when you start to talk to them and work with them, things start to change. You start to feel connected to Mother earth and all the energies surrounding you.

    You are receiving this deck of cards sealed - never opened - in perfect condition.

    When you receive the cards, you can knock on the deck 3 times to clear any energy. Place cards in the moonlight will also work. Being a Reiki master, I will power each deck of cards with reiki before they leave my shop. I will also place small pieces of white sage in the package for travel. This will protect the energy as well.

    If you have any questions relative to this listing, please message us and we will promptly respond.

    Have fun with your fairy cards, work with them. They will guide you to places that you never dreamed of.

    Thank you for visiting Richelles Spiritual Realm.

Oracle of the Fairies Card Deck 44 Cards, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Fairy Cards

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