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  • Handmade


  • Materials: orgone, clear crystal, kyanite


  • Here is a brand new beautiful design. A beautiful clear crystal and kyanite orgone pyramid in 6 cm. The details in this pyramid are absolutely beautiful. Detailed with beautiful kyranite stones with a beautiful gold metal shavings. We have photographed this pyramid using the 6 cm light platform which is available separately in our shop.

    This pyramid can bring about a sense of calm, connectedness, understanding and enlightenment. Just holding a pyramid in the palm of your hand
    and breathing into the pyramid with your energy, you will feel relaxed, calm, and a sense that all is well. We also now know and understand with all the information
    available that having orgone pyramids around our home or office will help to block those frequencies released by the electronics around us and help
    us to live and maintain a healthier life.

    Clear crystal has many healing properties but most of all to pick up your spirits. If you are feeling down or sad, surround yourself with clear crystal. This stone
    will enhance your well being and help to bring peace to your heart and to your mind. It will assist in opening the crown chakra which is your connectedness to the
    higher realms.

    One of the most beneficial elements of kyanite is its calming effect. If you are feeling anxious or on edge, this is the stone to work with.

    Our pyramids are of the highest quality and workmanship. Each pyramid is made with quality and precision in mind. This is a guarantee.

    If you have any questions about this item, please message us and we will respond very quickly.

    Thank you for visiting Richelle's Spiritual Realm.

Clear Crystal Orgone Pyramid with Kyanite Stones 6 CM, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation,

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