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Witch Statue Incense Cone Burner 7 1/4"

This witch has stopped by to visit during the Halloween season. She has brought her cauldron with her which will burn an incense cone. She is dressed all in black with a purple waist band and purple hat. She is holding a purple bottle with her...probably what she uses to create spells. The detailing of this witch is extraordinary. A keepsake to bring out at Halloween to help set the tone for the holiday season. She is hand painted and made of resin. She is substantial in weight and height which makes her a great size to place in the center of your other Halloween decorations.

Place a back flow incense cone in the cauldron and watch the wisps of smoke gently cascade over the sides.

(Please practice caution when burning and never leave unattended around children or pets.)

If you have any questions about this item, please message us and we will respond very quickly.

Thank you for visiting RichellesSpiritRealm.

Witch Statue Incense Cone Burner 7 1/4"

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