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Seraphim Angel of Wisdom 10" Figurine, Angels, Fairies, Collectors, Collectibles, Decoration, Statues

It is very difficult to describe the beauty of this angel. She is stunning. She is shades of blush and white. Her face will capture you. She is truly the angel of wisdom. This beautiful angel sits a top a cloud looking down at this beautiful dove but also looking and observing humanity. She looks upon with love and wisdom. Her hair is a golden blond and trails down her back. She has pretty blush colored flowers going around the crown of her head. The dove is exquisite as it looks intently at his angel. Her gown is stunning and breathtaking. Her wings are substantial in size and this is what makes this beauty so surreal. It is all about the wings. They are highly detailed. Beautifully created. The designer of this angel should be congratulated because this artist has created something that will be admired and loved for years to come. The photos do not even begin to touch upon the WOW! you will feel when you open this box to reveal this beauty.

Her dimensions are: 7 1/2" X 4 1/4" X 10 1/4"

She is made of cold cast resin and weighs approximately 3.5 pounds. She is substantial in size.

A beautiful gift for the angel collector or someone who just loves angels. Would make a beautiful Christmas gift.

The photos are good but this fairy in person is more beautiful.

She is handcrafted and hand painted. Each figurine is unique and beautiful.

We will be listing more angels as photos are taken.

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we will continue to do so as long as possible. We realize that during these difficult times that you may not be able to purchase all the collectibles
you may like but we will work with our customers to bring you the best prices possible along with quality products.

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Thank you for visiting Richelle's Spirit Realm.

Seraphim Angel of Wisdom 10" Figurine, Angels, Fairies, Collectors, Collectibles, Decoration, Statues

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