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Orgone Pyramid Pink Blossom, Healing, Reiki, Yoga 8 CM

Here is a magnificent handcrafted pink blossom orgone pyramid in 8 CM. It is decorated with beautiful shades of pink with a beautiful lavender lotus flower.
Made with gold metal shavings, white crystals and purple crystals.

With all of the information on the healing benefits of orgone, we know that having an orgone pyramid in different areas of our home can bring
about healing and a sense of wellness, connection and calm. Orgone is an energy. Another name for the etheric energy that fills the universe and everything in our body. Orgone also represents the electronic frequency and vitality of the aura that surrounds us. What the orgone pyramid excels at is to convert negative harmful energy into positive, healing and
vital energy which we need to live a healthy and happy energy state.

Orgone pyramids as well help to protect us from the harmful effects of magnetic frequencies emanating from such items as our television sets,
remote controls, cell phones as well as microwaves. These frequencies surround us and can be harmful to our well being and sense
of comfort.

This pyramid is substantial in size and would be beautiful placed on a coffee table, on a bed side table. The colors are breathtaking.

If you have any questions about this item, please message us and we will respond very quickly.

Thank you for visiting Richelles Spirit Realm.

Orgone Pyramid Pink Blossom, Healing, Reiki, Yoga 8 CM

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