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Orgone Pyramid New Design Buddha with Malachite and Silver Shavings, Healing, Reiki, Chakras, Yoga 6 CM

Here is brand new design of our handcrafted Budda orgone pyramids. This pyramid is decorated with beautiful malachite stones with silver shavings and gold dust to enhance the beauty of this pyramid. It has bright gold shavings to further enhance the beauty and the energy. It is 6 cm. Buddha sits proudly watching over our planet. We took some photos to show how using the light platform can further enhance the magic and the energy of this beautiful orgone pyramid.

The Buddha (fl. circa 450 BCE) is the individual whose teachings form the basis of the Buddhist tradition. These teachings, preserved in texts known as the Nikāyas or Āgamas, concern the quest for liberation from suffering. While the ultimate aim of the Buddha’s teachings is thus to help individuals attain the good life, his analysis of the source of suffering centrally involves claims concerning the nature of persons, as well as how we acquire knowledge about the world and our place in it.

This pyramid can bring about a sense of calm, connectedness, understanding and enlightenment that we truly are not alone and that Buddha
watches over us and brings knowledge and wisdom of our place in our physical journey. Connecting with Buddha thru spiritual practice, yoga and other
healing modalities improves the quality of our lives and can bring a much more joyous journey for us.

Malachite is a fascinating healing stone which can alleviate emotional and physical pain and promote healing. It can help you to understand yourself better, to become aware of unconscious blockages and to dissolve negative feelings and experiences from the past. At the same time, it can help you express your feelings and better deal with your own insecurities and problems.

In general, malachite can increase your well-being and help you to build contentment. It can give you joy of life and strengthen your heart, help you to get over difficult times and to better deal with changes. Malachite stone is strongly aligned to both the heart chakra and the throat chakra. This is why it can help you to love unconditionally and to accept love into your life. This stone, because of it's color, is the stone that Archangel Raphael resonates with. This archangel assists us to open up our hearts to misunderstandings, to accept emotional
trauma, to love others as we should love ourselves. An amazing angel to work with

If you have any questions about this item, please message us and we will respond very quickly.

Thank you for visiting Richelles Spirit Realm.

Orgone Pyramid New Design Buddha with Malachite and Silver Shavings, Healing,  Reiki, Chakras, Yoga 6 CM

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