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New Pretty Fairy Gets Her Angel Wings Figurine 7 1/4", Figurines, Fairies, Collectibles, Decoration, Angels

Here is a unique and beautifully detailed fairy. Because of all the good she has done, a little elfin is presenting her with her angel wings. She has helped so many fairy friends, unicorns and dragons and she has been granted her angel wings. What a beautiful tribute and gift for perhaps that young lady who has made her first communion or confirmation. To the collector this figurine would be an awesome addition. She is dressed in a pretty blue pleated dress with tones of white. Accented by red detailing around her waist. The straps of the dress of a pretty pink. She also wears brown boots with accents of beige. Her curly hair is the cutest style and is a light beige with streaks of white as are her angel wings. Her little elfin friend is just adorable and is dressed in blue pants and a little shirt of a deeper color with accents of red. His little cap is white with red streaks. He stands on a little stool to present her wings to her. She stands there with pride, and grace ready to accept the gift that the angels from above have granted her.

Her dimensions are 4 7/8" X 3 1/8" X 7 1/4" (12174)

She is made of cold cast resin as is her elfin little friend. They are hand painted and beautifully done with so much detail and imagination.

Each fairy is handcrafted and each will be unique in its own way.

The photos are good but this fairy in person is more beautiful. Angelic and sweet faced as she looks at the flowers.

We will be listing more fairies as photos are taken.

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we will continue to do so as long as possible. We realize that during these difficult times that you may not be able to purchase all the collectibles
you may like but we will work with our customers to bring you the best prices possible along with quality products.

Please message us if you have any questions relative to this listing.

Thank you for visiting Richelle's Spirit Realm.

New Pretty Fairy Gets Her Angel Wings Figurine 7 1/4", Figurines, Fairies, Collectibles, Decoration, Angels

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