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New Design Orgone Pyramid Quan Yin 8 CM With Amethyst Crystal, Healing, Reiki, Chakras , Yoga, Meditation, Decoration

Here is a magnificent handcrafted orgone pyramid dedicated to our precious Quan Yin, an ascended master which many of us maybe familiar with. This pyramid
has been decorated with beautiful accents of clear crystal and amethyst crystal with copper metal shavings. Also accented with beautiful gold metal shavings to enhance the beauty of this orgone pyramid. We have included photos of the light platform to show the beautiful enhancement of this pyramid.

Legend of Quan Yin

The legend of Quan Yin tells us how she finally achieved enlightenment and stood before the gates of heaven. The gates opened for her and Quan Yin started to enter, but paused when she heard the cries of the people on earth. True to her eternal nature as protector and a deity of infinite mercy and compassion, Quan Yin turned back to Earth. She descended to Earth to ease the suffering world with a desire to heal and protect those in pain and need.

On a physical level, Amethyst crystal is associated with healthy cell regeneration, encouraging soothing sleep and rest, and promoting hormonal balance. As Amethyst helps balance metabolism and positively serves the endocrine system, the body finds its inner harmony which dramatically cuts down on stress and tension. Along with all of this, the purplish hue of Amethyst also ensures that the body, mind and soul remain cleansed and detoxified. For those who struggle with a foggy head or migraines, then Amethyst can also help clear those clouds away.

Clear crystal has many healing properties but most of all to pick up your spirits. If you are feeling down or sad, surround yourself with clear crystal. This stone
will enhance your well being and help to bring peace to your heart and to your mind. It will assist in opening the crown chakra which is your connectedness to the
higher realms

This pyramid is 8 cm so it is significant in size and the energy of this pyramid would be elevated using the light platforms that can be purchased

This pyramid can be about a sense of calm, connectedness, understanding and enlightenment that we truly are not alone and that precious Quan Yin
watches over us and brings us love and comfort when we need it.

If you have any questions about this item, please message us and we will respond very quickly.

Thank you for visiting Richelles Spirit Realm.

New Design Orgone Pyramid Quan Yin 8 CM With Amethyst Crystal, Healing, Reiki, Chakras , Yoga, Meditation, Decoration

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