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Fairy Holding a Dove, Collectible, Fairies, Angels, Decoration, Dragons 11"

Here is a stunning fairy figurine. She is a "Toscano" original. The only one we have at this moment. She is graceful, elegant and beautiful. Her long flowing pink gown with accents of blue ribbon, shades of peach is stunning. Her wings resemble a butterflies wings, beautifully enhanced with colors of orange, yellow, and purple. Her flowing light brown hair cascades down her back. She is portrayed holding a beautiful white dove in her right hand. She is showing him that it is okay to take flight. This figurine was difficult to photograph as the extending arm up to the heavens and her height make it difficult to truly capture how tall this fairy is.

This figurine is known as Flower Dancer Fairy Statue by artist Gabriella Veronese who depicts this fairy as releasing her dove of joy as an inspiration to magic and imagination. This collectible elfin faery statue is cast in quality designer resin and delicately hand-painted in a watercolor pixie palette.
She is delicately hand painted and the artist did a beautiful job with her. The photo doesn't begin to capture the beauty and elegance of this fairy.

5.5"Wx5"Dx11"H. 2 lbs.

We will be listing more fairies as photos are taken.

Richelle's guarantees all products sold here and offers a 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with purchase.

Please note this figurine weighs 2 pounds and this is included in the price of this collectible.

We hope to bring in more beauties like this one in the upcoming months.

Please realize that shipping is included in the price of your collectible, as we know that shipping costs have increased a lot.
Richelle's wants to keep the prices down on products you purchase and
we will continue to do so as long as possible. We realize that during these difficult times that you may not be able to purchase all the collectibles
you may like but we will work with our customers to bring you the best prices possible along with quality products.

Please message us if you have any questions relative to this listing.

Thank you for visiting Richelle's Spirit Realm.

Fairy Holding a Dove, Collectible, Fairies, Angels, Decoration, Dragons  11"

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