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Beautiful Purple Fairy Resting Figurine, Fairies, Collectibles, Knick Knacks

Here is a beautiful handcrafted fairy resting. Her gown is a light purple with lighter shades of purple thru out the gown. The gown is sleeveless and she has pretty pink bands around the upper left arm. Her wings are shades of purple with a hint of gray and black. She has long black hair with a flower on the side of her head. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of gold and her profile is stunning. She is a true beauty. This is from the Amy Brown collection and the artist has done a stunning job of creating the beautiful face. (9727)

Her dimensions are 5.1" X 4.3" X 5.3"

She is made of cold cast resin.

The photos are good but this fairy in person is more beautiful.

We will be listing more fairies as photos are taken.

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we will continue to do so as long as possible. We realize that during these difficult times that you may not be able to purchase all the collectibles
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Beautiful Purple Fairy Resting Figurine, Fairies, Collectibles, Knick Knacks

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