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Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper 44 Card Deck with Guidebook

Here is an absolutely beautiful Archangel Animal Oracle Deck of cards by Diana Cooper. You will receive 44 cards in this deck with a guidebook to assist you in the meanings of the cards. The illustrations on these cards is just beautiful. The colors and imagery are breathtaking. Doing a card reading for yourself daily, assists you in your daily physical journey here. Try asking a question as you are shuffling the deck - laying the cards on the table and using your left palm of your hand gently move across the deck and pick the cards
that you are pulled to. Many questions can be answered thru the oracle cards. A beautiful practice to get into.

Many believe that we have animal spirit guides. Sometimes they incarnate as our pets to fulfill a plan that was made prior to incarnating in this physical journey. Seeing
the same animal over and over again, can be a sign that this is the animal that you are working with. When we become aware that this is happening, it is really an eye
opener. Some may have a wolf as an animal guide, or a hawk, or even a centipede. The centipede speaks to extreme multi-tasking but being able to move fast thru
each task. The animals and insects can teach us much about ourselves and our planet if we learn to see beyond their physical appearance - to the larger picture going on around us.

If you are a reiki healer and are working with animals to heal them, working with these cards will most definitely assist you in this journey.

You are receiving this deck of cards sealed - never opened - in perfect condition. The illustrations are done by Marjolein Kruijt

When you receive the cards, you can knock on the deck 3 times to clear any energy. Place cards in the moonlight will also work. Being a Reiki
master, I will power each deck of cards with reiki before they leave my shop. I will also place small pieces of white sage in the package for travel. This
will protect the energy as well.

If you have any questions relative to this listing, please message us and we will promptly respond.

Have fun with your Archangel Animal cards, work with them. They will guide you to places that you never dreamed of.

Thank you for visiting RichellesSpiritRealm.

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper 44 Card Deck with Guidebook

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